Imagine buying your overseas dREAM HOME THAT…

paid for itself, delivered strong cash flow 

and financed your Future...

There is a FOOLISH way and a SAVVY Way To invest


Go to a Bar and consume 5 margaritas. 

hand over $100,000 to someone you just met to buy real estate.

The Savvy Way

learn the process, do due diligence, Get Legal Title.

don't be another mexico real estate horror story

 you don't need to go it alone

It's never made more sense to invest in foreign real estate than it does right now...

Just four weeks to understanding how to buy 

your dream real estate, without getting ripped off! 

I’m Dawn Fleming, a former International Business Attorney.  Prior to law school I had a very successful career in real estate sales, finance and property management.  In 2015 we began to explore investing in foreign real estate as a Plan B, a way to diversify our income. We had a very successful multiple six figure business, but all our eggs were in that basket.  In 2016, we closed on a stunning Oceanfront Vacation Villa in a fantastic location, with huge upside potential. In 2017, we decide to try living overseas and in 2018 we lost our business. Our Plan B became our Plan.  With the Global Pandemic, we wake up Grateful. Every. Single. Day.  We had no idea at the time what a SMART decision it would turn out to be... 

A decade ago me and my hubby Tom made a bold decision. During the financial crash of 2008, we lost two businesses virtually overnight and had three properties go into foreclosure. We hung on as best we could for two very difficult years. Tom was a 60 year old electrical engineer, and there were no jobs. Our situation became intolerable so we finally said "f**k it" and went forward with our plans in spite of our circumstances. 

In October of 2010, we checked out, took half a year off and sailed 5000 miles through the Panama Canal and started our lives over in Florida. We rebuilt our lives and our finances, completely changed careers and recovered. We were ready to invest in real estate once again, but were extremely leery of getting burned - again.  After looking at property in Florida we decided to pass, we saw another bubble. Instead we bought investment property in Mexico - an asset that put money in our pocket - instead of a liability we had to feed every month. 

We had no plans to move overseas, we simply wanted to safely diversify our income. A year later that all changed we sold our cars, furniture, most of our belongings and sailed to Mexico to start over - again. A few years later, after taking a huge leap of faith and moving overseas, we are extremely happy.  We've achieved our goals of living a simpler, richer life - being in nature daily. Not a freeway (much less 6 lanes in each direction) in site. Our investment property has greatly exceeded our expectations and we’ve been asked countless times: "How did you do it?"  

This Real Estate Course is the direct result of the overwhelming number of requests we had from others to asking us to “show them the way” to invest in Overseas Real Estate.  Wouldn't it be great if someone would take you by the hand and walk you through the process? 

What if you could read it and hear it explained simply to gain the confidence to begin your journey to find out if Overseas Real Estate is for you?

There's a ton of information online, but it is very confusing, mostly incomplete and it's hard to know who you can trust. The most frustrating part of the purchasing process is NOT KNOWING what it is. We would have LOVED to have this valuable and comprehensive resource!



Take the RISK out of Buying Real Estate in Mexico 

Foreign real estate investment can be the first step in reinventing your life.

What if you had a roadmap to show you the way?

Do you remember 2008?

we sure do. We Lost everything!

They said the Party Would Never Stop...But it DID. 

We had a good plan, but then outside forces intervened... 

We said "Never Again" and Blazed a New Trail...


Investing in foreign real estate made sense to us. Due to ignorance and fear, many said it's too "risky". 

After getting devastated in the 2008 crash, we felt it was MORE risky to invest in U.S. real estate.


After recovering financially, we could have followed the herd and just bought a home.  Instead, we diversified our income and invested overseas.  We were busy, didn't know exactly how, didn't have 

"all cash" to buy. We moved ahead anyway, instinctively knowing it was the right thing to do. 


The time to prepare for a storm is BEFORE it comes, fortunately that's what we did.  We invested in foreign real estate for diversification, asset protection and cash flow.  At the time we had a thriving passive income business. For two years we reinvested every penny back into our property, improving it - and increasing the cash flow it generated.  Then, in the blink of an eye, our thriving business was gone. 

We never saw it coming...but thankfully we had prepared. 

Had we followed the herd, we would have lost it all... again. 

Instead we played it smart....

  No financial guru lead us to the path that saved us.

 Understanding patterns, knowing that when times are good they can change in  moment!

  We're compelled to share our knowledge and wisdom with you!

Here's What You'll Discover:

  The fundamentals of international real estate purchases and how they differ from what you may have experienced back home…

  A comprehensive checklist for performing due diligence abroad—what to look for, what you can count on, and what you can’t…

  How to “hold” your property overseas and the pluses and minuses of buying a property in your own name versus buying via a corporation, trust, or other structure…

 What every investor needs to know about diversifying their assets globally…

  Your options for financing, how to evaluate and take advantage of what may be available to you…

 Critical “rules of the road” you MUST know BEFORE for considering buying ANY property abroad’s all hypothetical until you start looking at and sizing up real-time real estate opportunities.

Wouldn't it be Great if Someone 

would take you by the hand and 

walk you through the process? 

What if you could Read it, Hear it and have Access to other Investors?

Gain confidence peace of mind to discover  if Overseas Real Estate is really for you!

There are more options out there than you know.  You wouldn’t keep all of your money in one business, bank account, stock or rental property. You'd diversify them to better protect your assets.


If all of your investments are in one COUNTRY, then you’re not diversified. 

International Diversification is Critical to a Modern Day investment strategy.

There's a ton of information online, but it is very confusing, mostly incomplete and it's hard to know who you can trust.


The most frustrating part of the entire purchasing process is NOT KNOWING what it is. 

We would have LOVED to have had this valuable and comprehensive resource! 

Dawn has done it And will teach you....

how to invest overseas!

Get Instant Access to 

An Offshore Dirt Bank: How to Protect Your 

Wealth By Buying Overseas Real Estate and these BONUSES! 

Don't Get "Gringo'ed" and become another scammed Real Estate Buyer

Don't Get Gringo'ed! Buying overseas real estate - Live Workshop with dawn (recording) Video

  • Dawn shares her professional views, personal experience and strategies regarding foreign investment.
  • ​Discover the 5 major reasons it's a smart move to invest in offshore real estate 
  • Why foreign real estate markets are actually much less volatile than U.S. markets. 
  • ​Know how to make a savvy investment for both personal and external reasons. 
  • ​Know and understand THE most important factors BEFORE you purchase. 
  • ​Understand the strategic choices you can make to achieve YOUR investment goals.
  • ​Learn how the rules are different and the MUST TAKE steps savvy foreigners take. 

An offshore dirt bank: How to Protect Your 

Wealth by Buying overseas real estate - pdf

  • Discover the 5 major reasons you must invest in offshore real estate 
  • Why the Mexican real estate market is actually much less volatile than U.S. markets. 
  • ​You'll know where to make a savvy investment for both personal and external reasons. 
  • ​Smartly consider THE most important factor BEFORE you purchase. 
  • ​Understand the strategy choices you can utilize to achieve your investment goals.
  • ​Learn step-by-step exactly what the actual purchasing process is in Mexico.
  • ​Uncover the rules that govern buying in Mexico and MUST TAKE steps required of foreigners. 
  • A Quick Start Buyer's Checklist walks you through the process STEP BY STEP.

An offshore dirt bank: How to Protect Your 

Wealth by Buying overseas real estate - MP3 Audios

Some people like to read, others like information via audio.  In addition to the workshop video, and comprehensive pdf Guide, Dawn walks you through the 7 modules in this audio course. 

Dawn adds her personal insights in the lessons and information provided. You'll feel like you're having a conversation with an experienced friend who's sharing her amazing and lucrative journey with you!  

And, you' ll also get these exclusive bonuses you can't get anywhere else!

Free Travel Bonus #1

Do Your Due Diligence for FREE

Before making any investment, savvy investors always perform due diligence. That means carefully selecting where to invest. 

International Travel can be very expensive, but it doesn't have to be. This guide could literally save tens of thousands of dollars in travel expenses. 

It provides you with four proven, under the radar ways that you can travel the world to find your perfect foreign investment location - FREE. 

re checklist Bonus #2

Foreign Real Estate Agent Checklist

Unlike the U.S. and Canada, foreign real estate professionals are not highly regulated. In fact, most are not even licensed.  

They may not adhere to commonly expected conflict of interest rules or be required to make disclosures to clients. They may or may not be acting in your best interest. 

This Checklist has 15 CRITICAL questions to ask ANY Real Estate Agent or Broker BEFORE you start working with them or let them represent you in a transaction.

Owners guide Bonus #3

Income Property Owner's Checklist

If you invest in foreign real estate for cash flow, who will manage it?

Will you self-manage it or hire a property management company?  

To help you decide what's best, this guide will walk through a 10 step process with detailed considerations to help you make that very important decision - wisely.

 IF you COULD hire Dawn (her time is Super Valuable) 

the fee would be $5000 USD for her Knowledge and Guidance...

Learn how to be a Savvy Investor for a Fraction of the Cost

This introductory course is a

limited time offer!

"Dawn, you’ve obviously done your homework!  I've been in real estate sales for 30 years, including selling property in Mexico. I think this is an invaluable tool for anyone thinking about buying overseas real estate."

- Cori K., Ontario, Canada

"What a wonderfully informative investing guide you provide.  It answers all the questions I had and many more. Buying property in a foreign country can be overwhelming and you have covered everything a novice buyer should know before purchasing property in Mexico. Thanks!"

- Karon K., Texas, U.S.A.

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

We guarantee that all our content will meet or exceed your expectations.  If you are not 100% satisfied with this course - for any reason at all - simply request a full refund.

That's our promise to you. We hate games, gimmicks and tricks as much as you do. 

We guarantee no hassles if you want a refund, so order with confidence. 

You have absolutely nothing to lose.

This course will provide you with all the tools you need to:

Enjoy a dream home—and a dream lifestyle—while the property “pays its own way”.

Recognize that there is an entire world of properties outside the US, 

with values you simply can’t find within the United States.

Gain the advantages of diversifying part of your assets outside the U.S. dollar.

Generate a passive income to sustain the lifestyle you want.

You’ll understand the process of how to sift through a virtual treasure trove 

of properties on the market outside the U.S.

You'll also have the opportunity to join a like-minded investor community...

-Dawn Fleming

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  • ​An Offshore Dirt Bank: Protect Your Wealth by Buying Overseas Real Estate Guide including the Quick Start Checklist ($697 Value)
  • ​​An Offshore Dirt Bank: Protect Your Wealth Audios ​($47 Value)
  • ​​Bonus #1: Insiders' Guide to Traveling the World..for FREE ($97 Value)
  • Bonus #2: Foreign Real Estate Agent Checklist ($197 Value)
  • ​Bonus #3: Owner's Guide to Property Management ($47 Value)

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